Poly Frame Sepahan Company is the first manufacturer of wall covering , skirting board and accessories of poly styrene type in Iran In 2006, the company started its activity in the field of producing all kinds of wall coverings, skirting board and accessories of poly styrene utilizing the latest European machinery technology and currently, has embarked on designing new models and diversified colors and on developing production lines as the largest producer of polystyrene products in Iran according to market need

Poly Frame Sepahan

Aboute Poly Frame Sepahan Company

Variety and color products

Poly frame Sepahan due to the sensitivity in choosing the right colors for design-to-date decoration and construction as well as comprehensive coverage, taste outstanding and Iran's vast all over our beloved homeland Iran, as well as the right to export their products, attempting to use



Isfahan - Big East Industrial City - Phase II

Tell : 09133145083 - 03132271028


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